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Microcline Chromatogram Viewer

This free sequence chromatogram viewer lets you view your ABI and SCF chromatogram trace data. It allows inspection of the normally hidden chromatogram internal data fields which can then be exported to your clipboard if you are looking for more details.

When viewing the chromatogram peak traces, you can use the toggle reverse complement button to view the reverse complement of the chromatogram traces and scroll through the chromatogram peak trace data one base at a time using the arrow keys. The quality value of each peak is color-coded as good, acceptable, or poor, making it easy to identify quality variations in your data.

When viewing the chromatogram information, all the internal fields available in the file can be accessed. For example you can find the well id, basecaller version, polymer lot number, run protocol name, instrument name, and even the voltages. We also provide two handy metrics, Number of bases with quality >= 10, and Number of bases with quality >= 30 which gives a handy overview of the overall chromatogram quality.

Our viewer is browser-based, which means that all files are processed via javascript in your browser, ensuring that none of your chromatogram data is transferred to our servers. Moreover, you can save this page to use offline in areas with poor internet connections.

If you have any feature requests, bug reports, or if you just want to let us know if you like this software, please send us an email at .

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This software is a service provided by Microcline Projects.